Ullman: Woke Will Eat Itself

Alternate title: A Typical Day on Twitter. The video is a few days old, but it’s so good as a palate cleanser that it simply can’t be missed. Comedian Tracey Ullman has enough standing as an entertainer and a cultural satirist to get away with this send-up of millennials and “wokeness” — I think, anyway. If she doesn’t, no one does, and it’s funny enough to test out the theory (Not Safe for Work language):

It’s from BBC One’s series Tracey Breaks the News, which just started its second season on the Beeb. Ullman does include a little balance in this skit with a shot at the “right wing” not caring about poverty, but it’s a single jab in a series of roundhouses at the oh-so-caring Tolerance Brigade. It skewers the autophagy perhaps a little more gently than it should, considering how stridently it plays out on social media, but good satire lets you laugh while it scores points. By the time it finishes, we’re all ready to echo Tracey’s parting shot. The days of political correctness might really be numbered after all, if it’s getting cool to call out its nihilistic endgame.