DC councilman's visit to the Holocaust Museum goes ... even worse than you'd think

As an old philosopher (should have) said, “You can lead a horse’s ass to water but you can’t make him think.” Last month, Washington DC council member Trayon White made national headlines with his own philosophical musings on the weather … and the Jooooos.

D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) posted the video to his official Facebook page at 7:21 a.m. as snow flurries were hitting the nation’s capital. The video, shot through the windshield of a car driving west on Interstate 695 through downtown Washington, shows snowy skies while White narrates.

“Man, it just started snowing out of nowhere this morning, man. Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation,” he says. “And D.C. keep talking about, ‘We a resilient city.’ And that’s a model based off the Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities, man. Be careful.”

At first unrepentant, White apologized for the remarks and pledged to educate himself more on issues of anti-Semitism. For that purpose, White went to the Holocaust Museum in DC on Wednesday, accompanied by a rabbi from the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, a group that, as the Washington Post put it last night, is now “heavily involved in the first-term Democratic lawmaker’s public rehabilitation.” Batya Glazer told the press that nothing makes more of an impression about the perils of anti-Semitism than confronting its genocidal outcomes during the terror of the Nazis in the mid-twentieth century.

How did that work out? As Peter Jamison reports, it turned into a disaster. Not only did White seem to miss the entire point of the displays, he bailed out early, leaving Glazer confused and non-plussed. Before White abruptly left, however, he made his own confusion clear (via Twitchy):

The photo, taken in 1935, depicts a woman in a dark dress shuffling down a street in Norden, Germany. A large sign hangs from her neck: “I am a German girl and allowed myself to be defiled by a Jew.” She is surrounded by Nazi stormtroopers.

D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) studied the image. “Are they protecting her?”

Lynn Williams, an expert on educational programs at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and White’s tour guide for the day, stared at the photo.

“No,” she said. “They’re marching her through.”

“Marching through is protecting,” White said.

“I think they’re humiliating her,” Williams replied.

And later, he seemed more interested in arms manufacturing than atrocities:

The group paused before grainy photos of German troops executing Catholic clergy in Poland by firing squad. “Were they actually manufacturing these weapons?” White asked.

Moments later, White was nowhere to be seen.

White left at about the halfway point, missing an even more embarrassing comment from one of his staffers. At an exhibit on the Warsaw Ghetto, one aide wondered whether that was similar to a “gated community.” Glazer had to explain that it was a prison, not a fancy neighborhood. Meanwhile, Jamison caught up with White outside, who turned out to be standing on the sidewalk and apparently pretending to be on a call. White did tell Jamison that his tour was “an awesome experience,” apparently so awesome that White felt compelled to go stand out on the sidewalk rather than continue it.

Give Glazer and the JCRCGW credit for at least making the attempt at education, but that clearly is no magic recipe for willful ignorance. White and his team seem to live in their own gated community of paranoia, and they’re not terribly interested in moving out.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on December 09, 2022