Video: Antifa eats itself

What’s the inevitable result of identity-based social-justice welfare? Ranking of race to stomp out racism, just like the end result of violent “anti-fascist” activism is inevitably fascism. A Twitter account called “Beverly Hills Antifa” (which exists to criticize and provoke Antifa) last night tweeted this video from a protest a month ago in Berkeley, showing an escalating argument between two Antifa activists over authenticity.  The woman accuses the man of epitomizing “the height of white performativeness.” Only true violence and true DNA matter to The Cause, she instructs, as the young man tries to defend himself by providing a brief resumé of his violence.

The clip contains language that’s Not Safe for Work, or for your intellect. You’ve been warned (hat tips to Jeryl Bier and Urban Scorp on Twitter for identifying the event):

Note that this involves three people at a much larger event, so some will say that it doesn’t reflect the movement as a whole. That might be a legitimate point, but not at this event, where the violence was so bad that the LA Times reported it the next day. This was the catalyst for the Left’s backpedal away from Antifa, you’ll recall, where Democrats from Nancy Pelosi on down hit reverse and started denouncing the group.  Add in this woman demanding violence at the top of her lungs to what looks like at least the tacit approval of the crowd and it adds up to a damning portrait.

“White perfomativeness” is apparently grad-school speak for poseur or tourist. This could be a learning experience for the young lad, who has apparently labored under the misapprehension that fighting racism means, well, fighting racism. Don’t expect the obvious to dawn on him, though; anyone who measures his value by the violence he inflicts on others is probably immune to irony and self-reflection, at least in that moment.

But if he is paying attention, the woman’s point at the end makes it clear that in identity politics there is no redemption possible. “You’re still white!” she yells after him. “You’re inherently racist! It’s in your blood!” Say … isn’t that kind of stereotyping by skin color and blood-based judgment … racist?