Dershowitz: Why did the media play down Plame's anti-Semitism?

Count Alan Dershowitz among those who decline to accept Valerie Plame’s apology. After first defending and then disavowing her tweeted link to an anti-Semitic rant, the national media largely stopped its coverage of the former CIA operative’s political statements. Dershowitz rips the media for that, but especially for not following up on Plame’s excuses. Not only was the headline itself clearly anti-Semitic, Dershowitz says, but the actual article was clearly something that resembled Nazi propaganda of the 1930s:

“In this article, he says that Jews like me or Bill Kristol, when we appear on television, should have on the bottom of the screen identification saying we’re Jews. And he says it’s ‘like a warning label on a bottle of rat poison. Ingest at your own peril,'” Dershowitz said.

“All you have to do is read the first couple paragraphs: Jews control the media, Jews control politics,” he continued. “This is just like what was written in Nazi Germany.”

Dershowitz noted that Plame tweeted another anti-Semitic article by Giraldi in 2014, and he suggested that her social media activity reveals “her real set of beliefs.”

“The interesting thing about Twitter, you do it so quickly, it often reflects your real, genuine beliefs. Then you realize what you’ve said and you say, ‘Uh oh. I’m sorry,'” he explained. “Who would believe that a former CIA operative would retweet that and, I believe, endorse it?”

Dershowitz rightly points out the nonsensical claims made by Giraldi, especially on issues of Jewish support for war. One can criticize Bill Kristol’s “neocon” approach to foreign policy for other reasons, but the fact is that it’s not widely shared any longer on the Right, and never was widely shared by Jewish voters in the US. All of it falls apart on any kind of inspection, close or not, but the offense goes far beyond its factual deficiencies, as Dershowitz points out. It paints American Jews as disloyal, and some of Plame’s earlier tweets hint at that as well.

Give BuzzFeed credit for doing the follow-up that some other media outlets missed. Hayes Brown not only curated the full spectrum of Plame’s tweets, he actually asked Plame to comment on those tweets as well as yesterday’s. (The Washington Post’s Callum Borchers also published a good review of the controversy a few moments ago.) So far, apparently, Plame’s not talking to anyone — and not tweeting since this most recent message  nearly 24 hours ago, either:

If you can’t recognize that a headline like “American Jews are Driving America’s Wars” is by itself “problematic AF,” then it calls into question whether Plame is at all sincere about the rest of this response … or is just hoping to escape further scrutiny. So far, most of the media that hailed her as a hero years ago seem happy to allow her off the hook.

Allahpundit Aug 09, 2022 5:01 PM ET