Breaking:Jury finds Taylor Swift told the truth

Breaking:Jury finds Taylor Swift told the truth

And so one of the stranger lawsuits in recent memory comes to a close. The DJ who sued a pop star to supposedly regain his reputation ended up proving her case to the jury without her attorney calling a single witness. A Denver jury sided with Taylor Swift, who countersued and accused David Mueller of sexual assault, and awarded her the symbolic single dollar she demanded:

It didn’t even take the jury three hours to reach the obvious conclusion:

A federal jury on Monday found that a former radio show host groped singer Taylor Swift before a 2013 concert in Denver and awarded her $1 in damages.

The jury also found that neither Swift’s mother nor her radio promotions manager interfered with David Mueller’s employment contract when they reported the assault.

Swift’s attorney summed up the situation nicely during closing arguments:

Doug Baldridge, Swift’s lawyer, countered that eight witnesses saw the assault, and that Mueller lost his job because “he grabbed her butt and got caught. Now he’s victimizing her again to save his butt.”

Yeah, that worked out well, eh?

Why were the conclusions obvious? Primarily because Mueller’s own attorney established it during his direct questioning of Swift and others involved in the event. By the time that ended, Mueller’s attorney hadn’t even established the predicate of his original lawsuit, which is that Swift had taken action to interfere with Mueller’s employment, which supposedly was the reason he named Swift in the first place — which prompted her countersuit.

Taylor Swift’s vindication certainly delivers the message that women and girls do not have to put up with unwanted sexual touching, and as the grandfather of two girls (both Taylor Swift fans, by the way), I’m certainly happy with that. But it also sends a message to people who use lawsuits to bully others, thinking that people with deep pockets will be easy marks and want to avoid the publicity. Watching this backfire on Mueller has some satisfaction on that basis, too. Kudos to Swift for her refusal to let this pass.

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