New CMP video: PP exec haggles over compensation for organ sales ... again

It’s not a “new” video in terms of its origin, but in terms of its publication. The Center for Medical Progress has been stuck in legal limbo since its first release of undercover videos from public conferences involving abortion providers and contractors, and today’s release involves a Planned Parenthood executive who starred in a previous exposé. Dr. Mary Gatter’s earlier appearance showed her saying she wanted “a Lamborghini” from a deal to sell off human organs after abortions, and offering a “less crunchy technique” in its abortion practice to produce more usable specimens.


Today’s video offers a more mundane version of haggling from Gatter during a meet-and-greet with David Daleiden posing as a buyer, with Gatter scoffing at a price as being “like 12 years ago”:

Gatter was for many years the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, before moving to the same position at the Pasadena affiliate, and then being elected President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Medical Directors’ Council. As Medical Director at PPLA, Gatter oversaw the affiliate’s partnership with Novogenix Laboratories, LLC, a local for-profit fetal organ and tissue harvesting company.

“I did it in LA, I’m committed to it, I think it’s a great idea,” says Gatter to the purported body parts buyers. Discussing the number of abortions at her Pasadena clinic, Gatter asks, “What kind of volume do you need and what gestational ages?”

During the conversation, Gatter advises, “You know, you have to pay a little money to use the space.” After asking for a ballpark figure, the buyer observes, “Most people now seem to be doing per specimen.”

“Per specimen. Like $75 a specimen?” Gatter replies. After the buyer asks for clarification, Gatter repeats, “$75 a specimen, or $50 a specimen?” The buyer replies, “What we’ve been quoting is $50 per specimen. I think some people are doing more, some slightly less.”

Gatter then comments, “Yeah, $50’s on the low end, $50 [per specimen] was like 12 years ago.”


There are two basic legal issues involved in compensation for aborted tissue. The first is that the abortion technique is not allowed to change for the purposes of getting usable specimens, and the second is that the compensation is intended only to cover the costs of the abortion provider. (A third, informed consent of the mother, isn’t an issue in either video but did come up in other CMP videos.)

Unlike the “Lamborghini” tape, this one doesn’t expressly cross either of those two thresholds. The implication of the comment at the end of the excerpt above is that the price isn’t high enough to woo her into a contract with “Biomax,” but could also be interpreted as not covering the costs of preserving the corpse of the dead baby. The latter, however, is a little difficult to credit since other videos show that such action doesn’t require any other effort by providers; the tissue broker provides the personnel necessary for preservation and shipment. That even comes up in the conversation with Gatter in this video — she asks, “You would send somebody?”

In fact, as Steven Ertelt notes at LifeNews, Planned Parenthood keeps no records of such costs, making it look like pure profit in the end:

According to contracts and invoices, the real-life fetal organ and tissue wholesaler companies Novogenix, StemExpress, and Advanced Bioscience Resources all made monthly payments to Planned Parenthood based on the number of resalable fetal specimens the wholesalers’ workers could harvest inside the abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood told Congressional investigators it kept no contemporaneous records of actual costs for reimbursement under the law.

The Novogenix contract promises Planned Parenthood Los Angeles $45 “per donated specimen.” Planned Parenthood Los Angeles does over 15,000 abortions every year, but has never publicly admitted how much money they received total under their contract with Novogenix. In December 2016, the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Select Investigative Panel both referred Planned Parenthood Los Angeles and Novogenix to the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice for further investigation and criminal prosecution.

CMP project lead David Daleiden notes, “The fact that Novogenix, StemExpress, and ABR stationed their own workers inside Planned Parenthood abortion clinics to perform the harvesting, packaging, and transport of aborted baby body parts demonstrates that Planned Parenthood had no reimbursable costs under the law. The volume-based sums that Planned Parenthood charged these businesses for baby parts are criminal trafficking and profiteering in fetal body parts. The U.S. Department of Justice should take heed of the Congressional investigations’ criminal referrals and prosecute Planned Parenthood to the full extent of the law, and taxpayers must stop being forced to subsidize Planned Parenthood’s criminal abortion empire.”


Earlier videos may have made a stronger case than today’s for those allegations, but this certainly does nothing to negate them. Regardless, this adds to the real lesson from all of the CMP videos, which is that abortion providers who sell their service as nothing more than the removal of a “clump of cells” are lying, and know they’re lying. The monetary value of selling the discarded babies comes specifically and explicitly from their obvious humanity, and the clear differentiation of human organs within their bodies from those of the mother. Otherwise, there would be nothing to sell — except the despair and brutality on which their business model depends.

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