Video: Best catch of the year?

The best catch of 2017 doesn’t belong to a Major League Baseball star outfielder. It didn’t get made by Julian Edelman or Julio Jones in this year’s Super Bowl. We’ll kick off the weekend (so to speak) with this video, courtesy of ABC News, of a life-saving catch made by Robert Sutton — a firefighter from DeKalb County, Georgia, who caught a baby dropped from a window of a building on fire:

“It’s a term that firefighters and officers alike don’t hold onto or acknowledge, but it was heroic,” said Captain Eric Jackson, the department’s public information officer. “For a firefighter to be where he was and be keenly aware … when the gentleman dropped the baby, he dropped him right into his arms.” …

Sutton, a 10-year veteran with the department, has been “very humble” since the incident, Burrell said about his colleague.

“He deflected a lot of the credit to being in the right place at the right time and the good work to his crew,” he said. “He just happened to be the one standing there when the gentlemen found himself at the window. As a father of two children himself, I think anybody can understand that if that opportunity occurred, he could see himself in that man’s shoes.”

Firefighters eventually got the whole family out of the structure, but at the time the child’s father had his escape route cut off by the fire. As a contractor videotaped the incident from across the street, the father came to the window with the baby, and Sutton helped the father save the child.

It’s a good reminder of how hard first responders work all over the country to protect life and property. We trust them as much as this father did under heartbreaking pressure, and they come through for us in almost every circumstance — spectacularly, in this case. Kudos to Mr. Sutton, and let’s hope this one makes lots of highlight reels.

David Strom 10:01 PM on September 26, 2022