Wednesday TEMS: Guest hosting on Relevant Radio!

For the next eight weekdays, I’ll guest host on Relevant Radio’s Drew Mariani Show from 3-6 ET. The Catholic talk-radio network is heard nationwide on the air after its merger with Immaculate Heart Radio, as well as online and through their free mobile app that plays live and podcasted shows.

Today’s show includes:

  • Salena Zito on yesterday’s special election in Georgia
  • Dalibor Rohac from AEI about the UK’s snap elections
  • Alex Schadenburg from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
  • Hannah Becket, senior counsel for Becket Law
  • Jeff Gardner from on ISIS-AQ alliance

We may add more before the show starts today, plus we will have the chaplet of Divine Mercy. We will also take your calls at 1-877-766-3777You can also listen on the Relevant Radio app no matter where you are in the world, so download it now. I’ll look forward to talking with you!