Video: The best ad of the Super Bowl was ...

Until Hyundai aired this ad, my vote for the best commercial spot in the Super Bowl went to the Honda CR-V ad that used high-school yearbook photos to talk about being bold in pursuit of your dreams. Later in the game, though, Hyundai aired a spot that highlighted those who have truly been bold in pursuit of our liberty. The ad aired late because they put it together during the game, visiting US troops that have recently been deployed in Zagan, Poland. A few of the troops were asked to go into specially prepared booths, only to find that Hyundai had arranged for them to spend some time with their families — at the Super Bowl itself.

This one got us choked up, getting an 8-0 sweep for best spot from the people in our party:

Well done, Hyundai. Well done.

By the way, the Honda CR-V ad was still a lot of fun, too. It’ll have you asking, “How did they do that?” Audentes Fortuna iuvat, Darryl.