Progress? Democrats put blame for "faithless elector" flop on Hillary

In the end, the Great Elector Revolt hit Hillary Clinton harder than it did Donald Trump. The president-elect only lost two electors, and only one of those was a surprise. The Democratic nominee lost five electors along the way in three states, three of whom voted for Colin Powell, more than voted for supposed revolt option John Kasich (one elector), and none of whom voted for the other option, Mitt Romney.

What happened? According to Politico, Democrats have started pointing figures at Hillary:

With Donald Trump poised to win a majority of the Electoral College vote Monday, Democratic leaders of an anti-Trump effort expressed anger and frustration toward Hillary Clinton and her top allies, insisting that their silence had all but doomed the long-shot plan to thwart Trump’s election.

One Democratic elector with Clinton campaign ties claimed dozens of Democrats on the Electoral College were willing to embrace the unprecedented plan to throw their votes to a consensus Republican candidate — like Mitt Romney — as part of a strategy to coax GOP electors to abandon Trump. All they needed, the elector said, was a signal from Clinton or her top allies. …

A signal of disapproval would have ended the effort weeks ago, they say, but as of Monday morning, just hours before electors gathered in their state capitals to officially choose the president, there was no word about whether Clinton approved of this strategic voting effort by Democratic electors, many of whom are pledged to support her.

Well, at least they’re blaming Hillary for something. That’s progress for progressives, who have spent the last six weeks blaming everyone from James Comey to Facebook clicks for Hillary’s defeat. They’ve been in denial so long that their theme song could be Walk Like an Egyptian.

In this case, though, the blame may be misplaced. Team Hillary could hardly go public with approval for a scheme to overturn the election after they spent the last couple of weeks before it shrieking over Donald Trump’s debate answer on accepting the results of the election. Their silence on the Electoral College was all the signal they could afford to send, and even that looked pretty hypocritical. What should Hillary have done — used semaphores? Hold a press conference to say, “I’ve changed my mind, and trying to overturn an election is now totes magotes cool?”

As it turned out, not too many Hillary electors picked up on the nuance of the situation, but that’s a moot point anyway. The biggest reason for the failure was that almost none of Trump’s electors wanted to throw the election to Hillary Clinton. The theory was that mass defections among Hillary voters for a different Republican would give Trump electors the opening they wanted to thwart the will of voters in their states. Guess what? No one apparently bothered to check first to see if Republican electors wanted that opportunity at all — and as it turned out, they didn’t. The entire exercise was, if readers will pardon the expression, a circle jerk on the Left.

So perhaps the progress of the progressives and Democrats isn’t quite as significant as it seems. They still refuse to blame Hillary for losing an election she clearly could have won, but they’re in denial about the silliness and futility of the Electoral College revolt.