Soros tries to get the donor band back together post-Hillary

Denial — it’s not just a river in Egypt. The slowly dawning realization that the progressive Left has turned the Democratic Party into an afterthought has not yet reached its donor class. Politico’s Kenneth Vogel reports that George Soros has called together the Democracy Alliance, the insider’s club of big-ticket funders on the Left, to confer on the future of the Democratic Party with … Nancy Pelosi and Keith Ellison.

This should end well:

George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump.

The conference, which kicked off Sunday night at Washington’s pricey Mandarin Oriental hotel, is sponsored by the influential Democracy Alliance donor club, and will include appearances by leaders of most leading unions and liberal groups, as well as darlings of the left such as House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison, according to an agenda and other documents obtained by POLITICO.

Nothing speaks to Middle America like elites in San Francisco and Massachusetts, along with a radical leftist from Minneapolis, amirite? This looks like one last dance in the grand ballroom on the Titanic as it tilts 30 degrees and water rushes in under the doors. If any one lesson could be gleaned from the election Tuesday night — and the dramatic Democratic decline over the last eight years at the federal and state level — it’s that Americans everywhere else are fed up with coastal elites dictating to them how they should live their lives.

Maybe it doesn’t matter. Clearly, not too many are bothering to listen any more anyway. Vogel points out that the Democracy Alliance has reshaped the Democratic Party during the Obama era in the belief that they could reshape the electorate. How’s that working out for them? It’s worth posting this again as an answer:

The same group rigged the Democratic Party process to pave the way for Hillary Clinton, an effort that speaks for itself after Tuesday’s election results. At least one strategist who spoke to Vogel on background has had enough of the Democracy Alliance:

… Trump won largely on the strength of his support from working-class whites. Additionally, exit polls suggested that issues like fighting climate change and the role of money in politics — which the DA’s beneficiary groups have used to try to turn out voters — didn’t resonate as much with the voters who carried Trump to victory.

“The DA itself should be called into question,” said one Democratic strategist who has been active in the group and is attending the meeting. “You can make a very good case it’s nothing more than a social club for a handful wealthy white donors and labor union officials to drink wine and read memos, as the Democratic Party burns down around them.”

Now they want to push the Democratic Party into the hands of Pelosi, Warren, and Ellison. Instead, they should be looking to people like Joe Manchin and Jon Tester to refocus their agendas on issues that actually matter to voters outside of Academia and the coastal elites, or go even further to redefine their approach to elections. Thirty-one years ago, Democrats formed the Democratic Leadership Council to put an end to the party’s turn to the hard-Left in order to resonate better with the American electorate. That produced Bill Clinton as a Democratic nominee.

Maybe Democrats should go through the DLC’s records and remind themselves why they found it necessary to separate themselves from the New Left. Where can they find those records? Ironically, they’re buried within the bowels of the Clinton Foundation … which can also be said of the Democratic Party and its donor class.