Nadler to Obama: Fire Comey

Shorter Jerry Nadler: The beatings of scapegoats will continue until Democratic morale improves. Pushing yet again the suggestion that Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election came from anything other than Hillary Clinton’s shortcomings, the Democratic Congressman from New York told Chris Cuomo that Barack Obama should fire James Comey for, er, keeping Congress informed on a national-security investigation. “The president can fire him for cause,” Nadler declared on CNN’s New Day this morning, “and ought to.”

Ironically, this takes place with CNN using the graphic titled “The Future of the Democratic Party”:

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said Monday that President Obama should fire FBI Director James Comey over the letter he sent to lawmakers last month, less than two weeks before Election Day, about potential new evidence in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server.

“The president can fire him for cause and ought to. He violated all the guidelines and put his thumb on the scale of an election. Whether it was decisive or not is a different question,” Nadler told CNN’s “New Day.” …

Nadler said Monday that it was “unforgivable for a police agency to opine publicly about legal conduct.”

“To have the policy intervene in an election, which is what happened, is unforgivable, a threat to our democracy, and has got to be stopped and the people who did that have got to be investigated and maybe prosecuted,” he added.

Oddly, Nadler isn’t complaining so much about the letters to Congress over the two weeks prior to the election, but to Comey’s statement in July and subsequent public statements in Congressional testimony. That seems rather strange, since Team Hillary embraced the conclusions of Comey in the immediate aftermath of his statements, as did the White House itself. Harry Reid insisted that criticism of Comey was off-limits between early July and late October, when he suddenly changed his mind about Congressional notifications.

Also, Nadler wasn’t shy about asking Comey openly to discuss potential FBI investigations connected to presidential campaigns less than two months ago … as long as it was the Trump campaign:

If Nadler called for Comey’s firing before the election, a Bing search doesn’t reveal it. Why didn’t Nadler begin demanding Comey’s head after the July statement and Congressional testimony, long before Election Day? Until Hillary lost, he apparently didn’t find it necessary. Now, rather than focus on why Democrats lost — more on that in upcoming posts — Nadler wants Obama to set up Comey as the scapegoat.

Let’s say that Obama does fire Comey. What will happen? Obama won’t appoint Comey’s successor — Donald Trump will, because the Republican-controlled Senate will refuse to confirm any new Obama appointments. That would leave Andrew McCabe in charge of the FBI, the man who essentially stared down Justice Department pressure to bury the still-ongoing probe into the Clinton Foundation and pay-to-play allegations. Somehow, that doesn’t look like a winner for the current administration.