Breaking: Bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami shot, captured; Update: Found sleeping ... in a bar; Update: Known wolf? Update: FBI, NYPD: Not on our radar

He’s alive but injured — much like his alleged 29 victims in New York. NBC’s NYC affiliate reports that Ahmad Rahami, the suspect in the bombings in New Jersey and New York has been taken into custody. First, though, Rahami shot at least one police officer before taking a bullet himself. The police officer was better prepared for it, though:


Rahami was taken into custody after firing at police officers in Linden, the official said.

At least one officer was shot in the chest during the takedown, but was not seriously wounded because he was wearing a bullet proof vest. Rahami was also wounded in the shootout.

I’m certain that law enforcement was all broken up about that, too. ABC News has more on the capture, and notes that Rahami didn’t get far from his starting point:

A suspect believed to be Ahmad Khan Rahami, earlier named as a “person of interest” in the New York City and New Jersey bombings, was taken into custody this morning in New Jersey, according to law enforcement sources.

Sources said Rahami was taken into custody in Linden, New Jersey, about 4 miles south of Elizabeth, after being injured in an altercation with police.

That’s about a 12-minute drive. Perhaps Rahami didn’t hear about his status this morning as a person of interest, but if he did, four miles and 12 minutes is a very short distance for being “on the run” for the last five hours or so.

CNN reports that two officers were injured. One got hit in the hand, while the other had a vest that stopped the bullet:

Two officers were hit in the shootout with Ahmad Khan Rahami in Linden, New Jersey, the mayor of the nearby city of Elizabeth said. One officer’s vest was struck, and the other was shot in the hand.


JBN has some pictures from the scene of the shooting that show Rahami down and detained after the shootout:

That lack of distance is curious. Did he have support in Linden, and then get flushed out? Law enforcement sources told Reuters earlier that they believe more people were involved in this plot. We’ll update this as more news comes in.

John Sexton co-wrote this report. 

Update: Stay classy, dude:

Update: Rahami was almost literally asleep at the switch:

The confrontation happened at about 10:30 a.m., when an owner of a Linden bar reported that someone was sleeping in a hallway of his establishment, Linden Mayor Derek Armstead told ABC New York station WABC.

“One of our police officers went to investigate and to wake him up, and realized that he was [Rahami], the suspect that had been being sought in the bombings,” the mayor told WABC. “He realized it was the suspect and, within moments, the suspect fired on him. And thank God that he had his vest on. And I think that was very helpful for him. I think that saved his life.”


Rahami isn’t the most adept of terrorists, apparently.

Update: Another example of the “known wolf”?

Hmmm. That certainly would explain how they identified him so quickly from the video.

Update: The FBI and NYPD both say they didn’t have Rahami on their radar:

However, they are now saying that they have directly linked Rahami to both bombs:


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