Kasich: I'm Team #VeryUnlikelyTrump

This reminds me of the classic clip from Dumb & Dumber: “So, you’re saying there’s a chance!” Gov. John Kasich appeared on CNN’s New Day to discuss the 2016 election cycle with Dana Bash, and it’s clear that Kasich still holds a grudge over the primaries. He’s not #NeverTrump, Kasich tells Bash, but he’s “very unlikely” to vote for his party’s nominee — apparently on the basis of personal attacks. “Too much water under the bridge,” Kasich says.


On the other hand, Kasich insists, “I’m not voting for Hillary.” So … will he vote for Gary Johnson? “I haven’t even gone there yet,” Kasich replies. So you’re saying there’s a chance …

“I’ll let everybody know when, but I think my actions have spoken very loudly, louder than even my words,” Kasich told CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview broadcast Friday on “New Day.”

The former 2016 Republican presidential candidate indicated he won’t vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton and hasn’t considered voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

“So is it still possible that you could vote for Donald Trump?” Bash pressed.

“Very unlikely,” Kasich responded, adding, “Too much water under the bridge.”

If Kasich’s holding a grudge, his fellow Ohioans seem to have gotten over it. Trump now has a 1-point lead in the RCP average in this key state, and two polls in the past week have given him leads outside the margin of error — four points with CNN, and five with Bloomberg.

In fact, things have brightened up in the Buckeye State so much for Trump that Nate Silver currently calculates that he has a 57.5% chance of winning the state in November. A month ago, Silver put the odds at 23.6%. Ohio is an opening ante for Republicans — it’s almost impossible for a GOP candidate to win the presidency without it — but it’s a good sign for Republicans nonetheless.


Where does that leave Kasich if Trump ends up winning?

If Trump wins the election and offered him a role in his administration, Kasich said he’d help — as he would with any president.

“If there’s something I can do and something I agree on, absolutely,” Kasich said.

Bash also states that Kasich’s “machine” isn’t helping Trump in Ohio, but Kasich disputes that, and denies controlling any machine at all. He’s working to turn out Republicans to make sure Rob Portman wins re-election, and if they vote for Trump too, “so be it”:

That kind of effort works effectively at getting late-breaking deciders to the polls. Looks like Kasich will be one of those.

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