Levin: I'm voting for Trump

In the end, #NeverHillary takes a higher priority than #NeverTrump. Mark Levin told his listeners last night that he would cast his ballot for Donald Trump, but only at the end of an exasperated description of Trump’s failings. Regardless, Levin explains, only two candidates have a realistic chance of becoming the next president of the United States, and the alternative is even worse (via Katie Pavlich):

Previous to this clip, Levin also laid out a few positives about the Trump campaign, according to Conservative Review’s Phil Shiver:

Levin then listed his critiques of Trump one by one. From his behavioral antics during the GOP primary to his lack of understanding when it comes to the Constitution and limited government, from his massive spending increase for infrastructure to his protectionist trade policies, and more.

It wasn’t all bad for Trump, however, as Levin later spoke positively about his tax plan, his positions on immigration, law enforcement, and foreign policy. Levin did offer a common and recurring disclaimer: Trump is NOT reliable.

All true, but still not as bad as Hillary Clinton as the alternative. And if one is really #NeverHillary, then only one alternative exists to her election — even if that alternative is not likely to prevail.

I came to the same conclusion as Mark did two weeks ago, for the same reason. In fact, we ended up in almost precisely the same place — disclosing our choice but refusing to act as apologists for Trump or to engage in fantasy along the way on behalf of the Republican nominee. The truth is that the American people chose the two worst candidates for the position during the major-party primaries, and we have been left with the most stark “lesser of two evils” choice in my lifetime.

The real challenge will be picking up the pieces after the election. And that will be true no matter who wins. We’ll face fewer challenges without the Clintons back in the White House, but don’t think for a moment that those challenges won’t be profound with a Trump victory, too.