DNC convention TEMS: Jazz Shaw, Guy Benson, Larry O'Connor live from Philly; Andrew Malcolm

All this week, we’ll have daily installments of The Ed Morrissey Show at 4 pm ET to cover the Democratic national convention! We have Jazz Shaw and Guy Benson in Philadelphia to bring us updates, plus we’ll bring in other commentators and analysts to preview the evening to come and the events of the day. The show will be streamed on Hot Air’s Facebook page as well as on our Ustream channel. Join us as we welcome:

  • Guy Benson, political editor at Townhall, will brief us on yesterday’s events
  • Jazz Shaw, coming live via Skype from the convention to bring us the behind-the-scenes stories
  • Larry O’Connor, taking time out to bring us the color
  • Andrew Malcolm will give us a brief preview of his live blogging tonight, and tells us what he expects to see from the Democrats’ first night on parade.

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The Ed Morrissey Show and its dynamic chatroom can be seen on the permanent TEMS page. Be sure to join us, and don’t forget to keep up with the debate on my Facebook page, too!

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David Strom 6:01 AM on June 06, 2023