On the scene at #RNCinCLE: The first rule of Wannabe Fight Club is ...

… is you probably shouldn’t blog anything about Wannabe Fight Club, but #YOLO, or something. For almost the entirety of the Republican National Convention, Media Row has been a hive of activity and no small amount of confusion, but it’s been professional and courteous. As media outlets began packing up for the big show, however, the YouTube stage became the scene of a confrontation between the Cenk Uyger and the Young Turks using the set and Alex Jones and his InfoWars team. This happened just outside of the Salem/Townhall row, and our intrepid man on the scene was on it.

This will shock exactly no one, but please note the Not Safe for Work (language) warning:

It’s worth noting that the Young Turks have been here all week without incident, and that they were supposed to be there. So what was this all about? The nearest I can figure from this minor melée is that Roger Stone, who was with Jones, and Uyger have a beef with each other over something to do with Eliot Spitzer. Frankly, the thought of unwinding a controversy involving Jones, Stone, Uyger, and Spitzer makes me practically faint with the weight of TL;DR. No punches got thrown, and eventually everyone dispersed after providing a few dozen people who hadn’t decamped to Quicken Loans Arena some fun footage.

We’re now off to the Q for the big night. Be sure to keep up with Andrew’s live blog, and watch for more commentary on our Twitter feed. If Caleb Howe and I come to blows over the use of his mini-fan, trust Matt Vespa to get the exciting video of our epic battle: