Scenes from the floor: Don King on the need for Trump; Update: Video truncated, King interview lost

Donald Trump might not have gotten legendary boxing promoter Don King on the convention stage, but we caught up with him not far from it. Townhall’s Matt Vespa and I were doing a wrap-up of our observations from the floor when King walked through the passage where we had started our Facebook Live show. After doing a couple of pictures with fans, I asked King to make his case for Trump — and he wasn’t shy, in this Hot Air exclusive:

King made the argument that the country needs a president who will demolish existing systems — emphasizing Trump’s status as an iconoclast. If this was a taste of what he would have offered from the convention podium, it would no doubt have been both controversial and wildly popular on the floor. Fortunately, we managed to capture this glimpse of King’s message, but you can bet he’ll be making that case publicly outside of the boundaries of the convention.

Update, 9:20 am 7/20: The video originally ran 11+ minutes, and King’s part of the interview came in at the nine-minute mark. It was working last night, as you can see from the screencap on the front page. For some reason, about 5 minutes of this video has been lost, which is why it cuts off abruptly when it does. I’ll check with Facebook to see what happened.