On the floor: Giuliani brings the house down

Tonight’s headliner might have been Melania Trump, but Rudy Giuliani hit the emotional peak of the first night at the Republican National Convention. Following Senator Jeff Session’s stemwinder, which was enthusiastically received by the Republican delegates, Giuliani amplified the energy on the floor all the way to 11. The former mayor of New York had the delegates on their feet throughout the entire speech, an impassioned call to support Donald Trump and to unite against Hillary Clinton.

I conducted a Facebook Live streamcast from the floor of the convention, so you’ll get a sense of what the speech was like from the delegate view:

One person asked me whether Giuliani went over the top with the yelling and the gesturing. I’d say that no one up to that point captured the spirit of the convention better on the first night — and any dissension left over from the afternoon appears to dissipate entirely. Perhaps it might have been too intense for people at home, but the delegates ate it up.