Chaos at the RNC: View from the floor

Was this the last gasp of the #NeverTrump movement? Matt Vespa explains how the delegate revolt went down from his view inside the Republican National Convention hall. A routine vote on acceptance of the Rules Committee report turned into a momentary disaster, Matt reports, that lasted about thirty minutes. According to Katie Pavlich and Guy Benson, two state delegations have walked out:

The contretemps didn’t last terribly long, however, as Matt tells me:

This does appear to be the last gasp for the #NeverTrump movement:

Without a change in rules, there’s no way to stop Donald Trump’s nomination. And even if all nine states walk out later over this — and so far, it’s not even clear that the two that did won’t return — there are more than enough delegates for Trump to win on the first ballot. It’s literally all over but the shouting.