Hot Air reader survey: 28% still #NeverTrump

As the Republican convention opens in Cleveland on Monday, our reader poll shows that Team Trump still has some convincing to do — more than when he first clinched the nomination. Our unscientific Survey Monkey reader survey yesterday shows 28% of Hot Air readers still firmly opposed to Donald Trump as president. Another 25% of the 1,744 respondents declared themselves “skeptical” of the Republican nominee:


Between positive and negative responses, Trump gets a 42/53 among Hot Air’s readership. Interestingly, the two strongest choices both slightly outweigh the less firm, and there’s almost no middle ground at all — less than 5% do not have an opinion.

The partisan breakdowns show that independents among our readers are more opposed to Trump than Republicans, but that even among Republicans, slightly more are opposed than supporting:


Almost 10% of our Democratic readers show some support for Trump, but only 5% of respondents were Democrats. Just over 61% were Republicans and almost 24% identified as independents, with 9% choosing “something else” for their partisan identification.

Compare these results to our previous unscientific reader survey (taken over a longer period of time) from May, after Trump clinched the nomination. It would appear that Trump has lost significant ground among our readership:


At that time, support for Trump got a majority of 54%, while opposition fell just short of 40%. That has almost exactly flipped in two months among Hot Air readers.

The subject of the survey — the new Trump/Pence logo — appears to be a flop. Only 23% of reader respondents professed to love or like it, while 46% dislike or hate it.


Even Trump’s supporters weren’t enamored of the new logo. Only 9% of those readers love it, and 28% like it, while 22% dislike it and 7% hate it. However, the general consensus among Hot Air readers is that the logo is neither suggestive or inappropriate, despite the jokes made about it yesterday:


Our Democratic readers largely found it inappropriate (69/27), but Republicans (27/61) and independents (33/56) mainly did not. A majority of NeverTrumpers also found it inappropriate (59/30), but even the skeptics shrugged it off (27/60). Hardly anyone loved it, but for the most part few seem emotionally provoked by it either. Still, it drew enough negative attention for the campaign to release a new logo todaytp-logo2:


Since these are unscientific polls, one should take care in drawing firm conclusions from the data. However, the decline in support for the Republican nominee among readers of a conservative opinion site might be a warning to Team Trump that they have more work cut out for them than they’re acknowledging.

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