Do we need to talk about the Trump-Pence logo?

Straightforward symbol of partnership, or suggestive hint of … whatever? Not long after Donald Trump officially made Mike Pence his running mate, his campaign sent out their new logo for the partnership. And it’s, er … something:


No matter how one attempts to frame a logo with the initials T and P, it’s bound to produce some snickering. But as The Hill observed, the design of the combination lent itself to even more interpretations:

The Republican National Committee’s joint fundraising committee with Trump’s campaign sent out an email with the logo, which shows an intertwining capital T and capital P against the red and white bars of the American flag.

The image seemed “suggestive” to many Twitter users, who took to the platform to giggle and opine.

This may be my favorite:

That seemed to be a theme on Twitter:

Eh, this seems a bit of a stretch to me. It’s not all that unusual to see superimposed initials in corporate logos. One does have to wonder why the campaign chose to emphasize the initials, though, since the commonly known use of T-P is for toilet paper. (It’s worth noting that Judd Legum’s employer, Think Progress, uses their initials as a logo too.)


Overall, too, the logo seems a bit mundane and ordinary. For a man of Trump’s expensive tastes and first-class business operations, this looks like something thrown together quickly and without much thought. It won’t cost them votes, obviously, but it does raise questions about just how prepared the campaign was for this decision and its roll-out — on top of a bunch of other similar questions being raised in the past couple of days.

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Karen Townsend 7:21 PM on October 03, 2023