AP: Gee, Hillary lied to us, huh?

You think? The Associated Press uses James Comey’s non-indictment indictment (or indictment non-indictment — YMMV) as a springboard for its own fact-check of Hillary Clinton’s long string of lies about her e-mail server, and concludes … they’ve been duped. And that might — might you, just might — prove damaging to Hillary:


Key assertions by Hillary Clinton in defense of her email practices have collapsed under FBI scrutiny.

The agency’s yearlong investigation found that she did not, as she claimed, turn over all her work-related messages for release. It found that her private email server did carry classified emails, also contrary to her past statements. And it made clear that Clinton used many devices to send and receive email despite her statements that she set up her email system so that she only needed to carry one.

FBI Director James Comey’s announcement Tuesday that he will not refer criminal charges to the Justice Department against Clinton spared her from prosecution and a devastating political predicament. But it left much of her account in tatters and may have aggravated questions of trust swirling around her Democratic presidential candidacy.

We could offer up a rundown of the AP fact-check point by point, but why do that when we have the Reason TV Email Scandal Supercut? Be sure to stick around through the thanks that Hillary gives Comey on the obvious point:

The Hill’s Amie Parnes reports that Clinton allies are already spinning this as a vindication, but not too many people are buying it:


“It’s the ultimate ‘We told you so,” said one longtime Clinton confidante and ally. “Was it sloppy? Yes. Did she make a mistake? Yes. Did she do willfully do anything wrong? No. It’s what she and everyone around her has been saying all along.”
Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon in a formal statement called the controversy “now resolved.”

But even some Clinton allies said they expect it will be tough for their candidate to improve her trust numbers with voters, many of whom have baked-in perceptions of the longtime politician and public servant. …

“I don’t know if this is very good news,” a second Clinton confidante said. “It isn’t going to make a definitive difference because the people who are against her have not accepted Comey’s statement today.”

It’s a bizarre argument anyway. Hey, we told you she’s only a liar and an incompetent, not a criminal! That could only be a winning argument in this cycle, and even that’s not a certainty at the moment.

As far as the fact-checks go, the only way the AP could be surprised by this was by pretending it hadn’t noticed Hillary has been lying all along. There has been plenty of evidence of this from the start, especially when it came to classified information in her e-mails; the State Department confirmed it in their markings of the released messages. Even the long-asserted “I never transmitted information marked classified at the time” has been long debunked. The only truly new piece of information was that the private server was actually a number of servers, although the assertion that she wanted to use just one personal device for accessing e-mail was proven a lie months ago, too.


If anyone needed a fact check today to determine that Hillary lied, they’ve been living in denial … and probably still are to this moment.

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David Strom 6:31 PM on November 27, 2023