Video: Marine hero gives life to save two teens from drowning

A decorated Marine Corps veteran in Texas “didn’t think twice” about jumping into a river to save the lives of two teens, and saved one of them with “his last breath.” Rodney Buentello served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and spent more than twenty years in the Marines, and died while serving his community. KENS 5 reports on his drowning:

A man credited with saving the lives of two teens, at the cost of his own, was a Marine Corps veteran, purple heart recipient and recent employee of John Jay High School.

Rodney Buentello was spending Wednesday afternoon with his family at Bandera City Park when he saw a teenage girl try to walk across a dam and get swept away. A teenage boy jumped after her and that’s when Buentello sprang into action, saving both of them.

But he was dragged under by the current.

His family said that he didn’t think twice before jumping into the water after the two teens.

“His last breath, he pushed the boy towards EMS,” Buentello’s father said.

“When the boy got up there, the water took him under,” said his brother-in-law, William Vaughn.

With some stories, extra comment is unnecessary. Master Sergeant Rodney Buentello lived his life as a hero, and gave his life as one as well. However, his family needs support, as Buentello left behind his wife Lisa and two sons, ages eight and nine. As we honor his service and his heroism, we can also lift up the Buentellos in prayer, and in more material support as well. The family has a GoFundMe page and a modest goal, considering the needs that Buentello’s passing will impose.

Godspeed, Rodney Buentello, and thank you for your service. Requiescat in pace.