Cuban: If Hillary picks Warren for VP, "good chance" I'm backing Trump

Yesterday’s big summit meeting took place in the White House between Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders, and it resulted in Obama’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Today’s big summit takes place between Hillary and Elizabeth Warren, who has already endorsed Hillary. Supposedly this is an effort to expedite unity between the progressive and establishment factions within the Democratic Party, but Warren also gets a lot of attention as a potential running mate — and declared herself ready to serve:

Senator Elizabeth Warren has declared herself ready to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate in the US presidential election.

The Massachusetts senator – popular among the progressive wing of the Democratic party – made the declaration shortly after endorsing Clinton, calling her “a fighter with guts” who would keep Donald Trump out the White House.

In an interview on MSNBC, Warren was asked by Rachel Maddow: “If you were asked to be Secretary Clinton’s running mate, do you believe you could do it?”

Her response was concise: “Yes, I do.”

Why pick Warren, though, when Hillary could just pick Bernie Sanders? Warren is a first-term Senator with significant baggage, while Sanders has a following of tens of millions of voters. Neither of them passes the ticket-balance or Ready-On-Day-One tests, though, and wedding Clinton to the extremists might cost her some votes in the center.

That’s Mark Cuban’s position. Today on Fox’s Varney & Co, the billionaire supposedly also under consideration for the VP slot by both candidates tells Stuart Varney that putting Warren on the ticket will push him to support Donald Trump. What the nation needs is less partisanship and extremism, Cuban says, and less “headline porn” too:

Later in the same interview, Cuban offered his running-mate services to both candidates:

“Washington has become so partisan and gridlock is so bad that you need somebody that doesn’t have the legacy baggage of one party or the other.  And I think both candidates are severely deficient in technology… Hillary has her challenges with email; Donald doesn’t even use email… If you don’t have that strong a grasp of technology – that’s what’s going to drive our economy… I think I can bring that value to both,” he said.

Don’t sit up nights waiting by the phone. The last thing Trump needs on his ticket is another reality-TV billionaire; he needs someone who can balance out the ticket and get nervous voters to take him seriously as a commander-in-chief. Cuban might make more sense for Hillary Clinton, who needs an outsider with some charm and charisma who can appeal to a broader swath of people than does Warren, but she has better options within the Democratic Party — and needs to keep the “unserious” label firmly attached to the GOP’s ticket.

I’d bet that Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper are high up on Hillary’s VP short list. Both have executive experience, both carry weight in key swing states, and both have enough credibility with all factions within the party to help the healing process. Warren would be an admission of weakness for Hillary.