Scarborough: Republicans lashing out at Trump now deserve a Captain Louis Renault award

Which Republicans should be the focus of Joe Scarborough’s ire in this segment? After Donald Trump declared that the judge in the Trump University lawsuit is biased because “he’s Mexican,” GOP leaders scrambled to distance themselves from the damage. On today’s Morning Joe, Scarborough launched a rant that aimed mostly at Paul Ryan, but perhaps the target selection should have focused on a previous Speaker of the House:

“I mean, this is unbelievable,” Scarborough added on  “Morning Joe.” “He is getting worse, not better.”

Scarborough also lashed out Republicans now criticizing Trump’s attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel who remained silent about earlier controversial comments.

“I just want to be really clear here,” he said. “They can’t be morally outraged this week when they knew what he was doing last week.

“These Republicans this week who were so shocked and stunned and deeply saddened and offended by this clear act of racism had all the evidence in the world that he had done things again, that had stopped them from endorsing him.” …

“How do you endorse, Paul Ryan, a man that supports the banning of 1.4 billion Muslims from ever entering the United States?” he asked.

Eh, that’s not entirely fair. Ryan make his distaste of Trump clear for months, and forced Trump to come to him for the tepid endorsement that Ryan finally gave him. As did Marco Rubio, Ryan made it clear that he was backing the Republican nominee as a means to stop Hillary Clinton from winning the White House and to advance at least some of the conservative agenda. They got behind Trump because of a lack of options, not because they were enthusiastic about it. The same could be said about Reince Priebus, Mitch McConnell and some of the others objecting to Trump’s comments to varying degrees.

Scarborough’s rant would be better directed at those Republicans who had climbed aboard the Trump train early, only to find themselves shocked, shocked at the vulgar attack on Curiel. Chief among those is Newt Gingrich, who latched onto Trump early and has been one of his chief apologists. As Allahpundit wondered yesterday, where was Gingrich when this Trump has been evident for a year or more? Now Gingrich considers these kind of attacks “unacceptable,” and demands a Trump that will consult and coordinate with his allies? Shouldn’t Gingrich have looked a little closer at Trump months ago before assuring everyone he’d be great as the face of the GOP?

Forget the Captain Louis Renault Award. In its place, let’s offer this wisdom from Al Wilson: