Sunday morning talking heads

On today’s talk shows, presidential politics won’t take a backseat to terrorism — but it will share focus. Almost every show will have some discussion of the EgyptAir crash and its potential security implications, even though as of Saturday no one knows for sure whether a terrorist attack took place at all. John Dickerson on Face the Nation will have the most time on the story, with retired pilot and hero Sully Sullenberg in one segment, and former high-ranking officials in another talking through both safety and security. Fox will also dedicate two segments to homeland security, with Secretary Jeh Johnson and House committee chair Rep. Michael McCaul on hand. The other shows will either touch on the topic with guests or almost certainly in their roundtables.

However, presidential politics won’t get pushed aside, either. Bernie Sanders makes three appearances today, only missing Fox and NBC. Chuck Todd instead will talk with both Hillary Clinton and Mark Cuban, who will tell Meet the Press that he’d serve as Hillary’s running mate if she moved a little more to the center. (So much for being the Great Indie-Conservative Hope, eh?) The most intriguing segment, though, may be Face the Nation‘s look at fresh general-election polling in the key states of Ohio and Florida. Bear in mind, though, that Donald Trump — who’s curiously absent today, with Jeff Sessions his only surrogate on today’s shows — will be seeing a bump from some coalescing of GOP rank and file. Hillary Clinton won’t get that until Bernie gets out of the race … or may not get it at all, if he bails on the Democrats altogether.

Here are the lineups:

  • ABC’s This Week: Sen. Bernie Sanders; Reps.Ed Royce (R-CA) and Adam Schiff (D-CA) on the EgyptAir crash; roundtable with Donna Brazile, Matthew Dowd, Bill Kristol, Cokie Roberts.
  • CBS’ Face The Nation: Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger on the EgyptAir crash; former NTSB chief Mark Rosenker and former Homeland Security adviser Frances Townsend; Sen. Bernie Sanders; Anthony Salvanto and new tracking polls in Ohio and Florida; roundtable with Molly Ball, Ezra Klein, Ramesh Ponnoru, Ed O’Keefe.
  • CNN’s State of the Union: Sen. Bernie Sanders; Reps. Peter King (R-NY), Xavier Becerra (D-CA), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN); S.E. Cupp; Bill Press.
  • Fox News Sunday: DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson; Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX); Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL); roundtable with Brit Hume, Kirsten Powers, Michael Needham, Juan Williams.
  • NBC’s Meet the Press: Hillary Clinton; Mark Cuban; roundtable with Alex Castellanos, Joy Reid, Helene Cooper and Robert Draper.

Note: Allahpundit is on vacation, and will return tomorrow.

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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on March 22, 2023