Hot Air/Townhall roundtable: Indiana primary winners and losers

Donald Trump was the big winner in tonight’s Republican primary in Indianan — and clearly Ted Cruz lost the expectations game as well. Earlier tonight, Hot Air and Townhall had live election coverage of the primaries, and it became clear very quickly that Trump won big. He looks poised to outperform the polling in the state outside of the margin of error, and the loss leaves Ted Cruz without much room to prevent Trump from a first-ballot nomination.

On the Democratic side, an upset seems to be brewing. It’s early, but the exit polling from CNN shows Bernie Sanders beating Hillary Clinton in nearly every demographic — even a 52/48 edge among women. Among unmarried women, Sanders trounced Hillary 57/43. The race is too close to call, and exit polls are not exact, but this may turn into a very bad night for Team Hillary.

Join Katie Pavlich, Larry O’Connor, Jazz Shaw, and me for another Facebook Live/Ustream live-stream show breaking down the winners and losers, and keeping tabs on the Democratic primary in Indiana!

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