Video: The world pauses to consider the deep meaning of ... #ManInTree

I think that I shall never see
A man as crazy occupying a tree

Proving that it doesn’t take much to become both an Internet sensation and a traffic disturbance, a Seattle man has spent most of the last two days swaying in the breeze atop a tall sequoia. Efforts to get him out of the tree have proven futile, as have attempts to figure out what he’s doing up there in the first place. KIRO in Seattle reports that he almost came down long enough to get a kiss, but scrambled back up when it became apparent that he’d end up in the paddy wagon. KCPQ reported that police have redirected traffic even while the man sits in the rain and cold:

CBS has more:

Mankind’s relationship with trees is mostly one-sided: we clearly need them more than they need us. In Seattle, one man may have taken that idea a little too far.

Despite many hours of police coaxing, he remained near the top of an 80-foot tall sequoia tree in downtown Seattle early Wednesday, refusing to come down.

CBS affiliate KIRO reports that after 17 hours of the incident, downtown Seattle streets remain closed as officials struggle for a solution to get him out of there.

No one has any idea why the man climbed the tree or why he refuses to leave. Nevertheless, a Twitter hashtag has plent of people cheering him on, and the whole world is watching:

This might be the best comment:

People can follow on KOMO’s live stream after grabbing the domain name, as the standoff continues. Let’s just hope that all of the “witty commentary” ends with a safe retrieval of the man and no one else hurt on the ground either.

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