Townhall Media welcomes John Sexton as new Hot Air contributor

Washington, D.C. – Conservative activist and web blogger John Sexton joined the Townhall Media family of web properties on Friday as a new contributor for, a political commentary news site with three million unique readers each month.

“John Sexton has a nose for news and an incisive, well-researched approach to blogging, since he and Morgen Richmond launched Verum Serum,” said Hot Air Senior Editor Ed Morrissey. “John has contributed to our Green Room in the past, as well as writing guest posts for the main blog on several occasions. We are thrilled to have him as our colleague and newest full-time contributor, and our readers will be as well.”

A native of Northern Virginia, John graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Liberal Arts and went on to get his Masters in Science and Religion from Biola University. In 2005, John launched Verum Serum, a blog dedicated to exposing the truth behind liberal discourse. After gaining widespread praise across conservative circles for his blog’s adherence to accurate, insightful reporting, John left Verum in 2012 to begin writing for Breitbart. John currently resides in Orange County, along with his wife and three children.

Sexton released the following statement upon the announcement:

“When Hot Air launched, I started reading it on day one and never stopped. Over the years, Ed and Allahpundit were kind enough to link to my blog occasionally back when this was just a time consuming hobby.

“I then had a chance to meet Ed at a west coast event, and he encouraged me to keep going. Eventually, he was also the person who handed me a Blogger of the Year award in 2012. All that to say, I feel like I have a long-standing, positive relationship with Hot Air, and I’m looking forward to being part of the team.”


Ed: “Thrilled” is a good word for us today. John’s not only a friend, but a great writer who has worked in both the reporting and blogging paradigms. He’ll start on Monday, and we can expect John to work the later parts of the day, after he gets done surfing in the morning. (Kidding. I think.) We’ve been fans of John’s work for years, and now we get to host it. Welcome aboard, John!

Jazz: I have no idea how they conned John into this, but we’ll be sure to work him like a rented mule.

I kid! I kid! John is an excellent writer and will make a great addition to the team. Oh, and John? I’m finally not the junior guy so you’re bringing the donuts from now on, bud.


Update (Ed): Nomenclature, nomenclature, nomenclature. The proper citation for this is Townhall Media, and I should know that by now. I’ve fixed the headline.

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