Facebook transition under way

Readers in our newer headlines and in the previous post have already seen that Facebook comments have been enabled. This transition will take place over the next couple of hours as our programming team makes the necessary adjustments. A few points to keep in mind:

  • Facebook comments are only being enabled on new posts on the main blog and in headlines. We didn’t want to delete existing comments on our previously published posts, so we closed commenting on those instead.
  • The comment counts on the post headers will not update until later in the evening, but the Facebook commenting module on each post has a counter that works. At some point, you may have to refresh the main page to see those update.
  • Part of embedding the commenting module is getting the other elements on the page fit properly. Readers may see some errors this evening, but they will be corrected.
  • If you’re commenting on a post, we hope you’ll also click the Facebook share button to spread the conservative word on that platform!

We hope you enjoy the new commenting interface, and we also wish to offer a welcome to both our existing commenters who have transitioned to the Facebook platform, and those new and existing readers who could not comment before.

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