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Ever wanted to ask presidential candidates a question? Tired of media filters on the issues? Here’s your chance to cut through the gatekeeping and get direct access to presidential contenders in both parties. Townhall Media has partnered with Change Politics to provide a forum for voters to pose questions, and candidates have committed to answering the most popular of them as chosen by the users themselves. Townhall will run the conservative channel:

Voters have a new resource this election cycle to help them cut through the noise of the primary and general process. Influential petition platform launched their new mobile web app and desktop site, Change Politics, Thursday morning, increasing access to candidates in the presidential field.

Through Change Politics, users can submit questions directly to participating candidates, search through the endorsements from prominent figures and organizations in the political arena, and create a personalized ballot guide based on their preferences. …

In addition to teaming up with several of the campaigns, Change Politics is partnering with media outlet across the country during their initial launch. Local outlets include the Des Moines Register, the Concord Monitor, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal., in coordination with the rest of the Townhall Media sites, will participate as the conservative media partner for the rollout of a national town hall that will take place in February.

The website already has voter-submitted questions, and we have eight days to get many, many more! As the website grows, more features will come, and not just for the presidential election:

  • Endorsements​- voters and organizations will be able to make endorsements for candidates, and see endorsements being made by other people and organizations in their network.
  • Personalized Ballot​- with the new information from endorsements and questions, voters can populate a sample ballot for election day, empowering all of us to make informed decisions about everyone from the Presidential Candidates to City Dog Catcher.

Change Politics also sees this as an opportunity for journalists normally locked out of media access to candidates to engage candidates directly:

  1. Change Politics helps journalists engage their audience by crowdsourcing questions for candidates from voters.
  2. Change Politics helps journalists track voters’ views and concerns, and support for candidates, by issue and geography.
  3. Outlets can set up dedicated branded “Forums” on Change Politics to crowdsource questions from voters in advance of an outlet-organized interview or event.

Right now, we have confirmed that Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush will participate in the forum. We have invited other Republican campaigns to join us as well. Be sure to add your voice — and your questions — to the mix!

Note: I have already added my question, complete with video. Check out the site to find it — it’s on the budget — and upvote it if you like it.

Update: John Kasich has not confirmed his participation yet in the national effort. I have edited that paragraph and regret the error. Also, I forgot to include the link to my question, which I have added now.

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