Hot Air’s top 50 posts in 2015: 21-30

The countdown to the most-viewed posts in 2015 continues today with the next set of ten top Hot Air articles from the past year. Capturing the 21t-30th slots are a variety of topics, from the Vatican to Jordan, taxes and bureaucrats, amnesty and faux generosity, and one of two mass shootings that worked their way into the top 50. Plus, we’re delighted to see Joe Biden make an appearance by being … Joe Biden.

These were the days, my friends:

Come back tomorrow, when we crack the Top Twenty and get into six-figure page view totals. We’ll delve into “college rape culture,” more history lectures from Professor Obama, Sulu attempting to beam himself out of embarrassment, and The Most Interesting Man In The World turns out to be a BS-artist bore. Stay tuned!

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