Hot Air’s top 50 posts in 2015: 31-40

Our traditional stroll down Memory Lane continues today with the next section of our top 50 most-viewed posts at Hot Air in 2015. The next ten, as determined by total page views over the past year, includes luxurious debates and luxury “speedboats,” the feud between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly, the Supreme Court’s reassurance that churches can still “advocate” for traditional marriage, and whether or not Americans can still advocate for gun rights. Plus, we have socialism in theory and an example of running out of Other People’s Money.

And you might think we have it all, but there is still plenty more to come:

  • #40: Surprise: Government has been wrong about cholesterol for 40 years (69,587 views)- Surprised? Neither are we, or anyone we know. Pretty soon we’ll find out that steak and eggs is health food. At least that’s what I’m telling the First Mate.
  • #39: Revealed: The Rubio “luxury speedboat”; Update: About the “luxury” house … (69,942) – The actual story here was that Marco Rubio paid off his student loans and bought himself a relatively modest 24-foot cabin cruiser and a house near his old neighborhood. Only the New York Times could blow that up into a story about a spendthrift who blows money on luxuries and lives in debt. And … they did.
  • #38: Open thread: The classiest, most luxurious debate ever (70,407) – The open thread from the first GOP debate pulled in a lot of viewers for Fox, and a lot of page views at Hot Air. Trump supporters had more interest in the debate than others, and they got their money’s worth when Trump and Kelly went at it over Trump’s public remarks towards women. That debate continues to this day, actually.
  • #37: SCOTUS to churches: Hey, no worries, you can still “advocate” for traditional marriage (71,071) – “Get ready for a massive legal assault on houses of worship that refuse to accommodate same-sex weddings,” I warned after Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Obergefell decision — and John Roberts and Clarence Thomas offered the same warnings. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will soon enough.
  • #36: About that Obama “gag order” on firearm-related speech (71,575) – This is not about Loretta Lynch’s comments about prosecuting violent speech directed toward Muslims, but an earlier executive order enforcing part of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) agreement. Jazz explains why this isn’t the nightmare that some believed.
  • #35: Brutal: Future leader of a brighter, fairer America explains how we’re going to pay for free college (72,150) – Neil Cavuto gently but firmly demolishes the neo-socialism of Bernie Sanders as repeated by one clueless campus activist. Who’s going to pay for all the free stuff? The rich! They don’t have that much money. Uh …….
  • #34: Ted Cruz: Here’s the real story of what’s happening in Washington and why Boehner resigned (72,707) – Allahpundit had a slightly different take on this stemwinder than I do. After listening to this, one has to wonder why Trump gets so much traction as an anti-establishmentarian. Cruz has demonstrated his commitment to that cause from the moment he ran for the Senate, and has been effective at it too. If you want someone who will demolish the establishment and has had a long commitment to conservatism, Cruz is so obviously the right choice that it’s still a wonder that he’s not dominating the GOP primaries.
  • #33: Open thread: Trumpageddon (74,229) – The open thread for the second GOP primary turned out to be even more popular than the first. Our friend Hugh Hewitt made his first appearance on the CNN dais, one of three debates in which he will be a panelist.
  • #32: Fox News staffers warn Trump to back off of Megyn Kelly after feud reignites; Update: “Unacceptable,” “disturbing,” says Ailes; Update: Hannity joins in; Update: Trump responds to Ailes (74,461) – “This ain’t over,” Allahpundit predicted, and he was right — although the war does seem to have gone dormant recently. Trump has started aiming his attacks at Hillary Clinton and, er …. Trey Gowdy, for some reason. So far, though, there isn’t any evidence that Fox has reduced its coverage of Trump.
  • #31: Seattle eateries closing as $15 minimum wage approaches (75,104) – In #35, we had the failure of socialism and central control of economies demonstrated in principle; here we have it demonstrated in reality. When the progressive city government mandated employers to pay wages at the level they deemed acceptable rather than the market wage for that kind of labor, businesses responded predictably by looking for other cities in which to operate. Some closed altogether. Bigger chains with more resources began rolling out alternatives to staffing, such as tablets for ordering food. “It’s not a political problem,” said a trade association representative, “it’s a math problem.” The same can be said about central planning and socialism.

Be sure to join us tomorrow, when we’ll feature a Vatican-White House contretemps, undercover videos at Planned Parenthood, revisiting the income-inequality hero, and the question of whether anyone at MSNBC pays taxes. Stay tuned!

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