New CMP video: "And she just taps the heart, and it starts beating"

The Center for Medical Progress has just released a new video this morning, which continues its in-depth interview with former StemExpress procurement technician Holly O’Donnell. In this video, O’Donnell describes how she saw her supervisor tap the chest of “the most gestated fetus” O’Donnell had yet seen in her work — and the heart started beating. Nonetheless, the child was killed and dissected. In another case, O’Donnell describes being instructed to extract a brain through the face of a cadaver. “I can’t even describe what that feels like,” O’Donnell says.

Note: There are disturbing images in this video.

The series focuses on the personal narrative of Holly O’Donnell, a former Blood and Tissue Procurement Technician for StemExpress, a biotech start-up that until last week was partnered with two large northern California Planned Parenthood affiliates to purchase their aborted fetus parts and resell them for scientific experimentation.

O’Donnell describes the harvesting, or “procurement,” of organs from a nearly intact late-term fetus aborted at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte’s Alameda clinic in San Jose, CA. “‘I want to see something kind of cool,’” O’Donnell says her supervisor asked her. “And she just taps the heart, and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus, and its heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think.”

The San Jose Planned Parenthood does abortions up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. Referring to the beating heart of the aborted fetus, O’Donnell remarks, “I don’t know if that constitutes it’s technically dead, or it’s alive.”

State and federal law require that the same treatment be given to an infant born-alive after an abortion as to a normally delivered baby (1 U.S.C. 8, CA Health and Safety Code 123435). California law also prohibits any kind of experimentation on a fetus with a discernible heartbeat (CA Health and Safety Code 123440). StemExpress has been cited in published scientific literature as a source of fetal hearts used for Langendorff perfusion, which keeps a heart beating after it is excised from the body[.]

O’Donnell also tells how her StemExpress supervisor instructed her to cut through the face of the fetus in order to get the brain. “I can’t even describe what that feels like,” she says.

This is not just O’Donnell’s imagination. CMP’s investigators also get the executive director of Novogenix Laboratories, Dr. Ben van Handel, to acknowledge that “there are times when after the procedure [abortion] is done that the heart is still beating.” Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Deborah Nucatola says during the wine-and-salad lunch that abortionists use digoxin to kill fetuses in order to avoid violating the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, but digoxin renders the tissue useless for researchers. To get the value of the tissue, the fetuses cannot be poisoned — and as a result, live babies result in many cases.

Toward the end, O’Donnell relates another heartbreaking story of a dissected child, and the need to dispose of him. The body was too large to fit into the container, got stuck, and O’Donnell had to work it into the medical-waste disposal bag. “It was really hard knowing that you’re the only person who’s ever going to hold that baby.”

Abortion kills babies, but sometimes abortion isn’t enough to finish the job. These clinics are killing children born alive from these procedures, simply to harvest their organs. That violates the federal BAIPA law. Will the Department of Justice enforce it?