Scarborough: IG report on emails "just the tip of the iceberg" for Hillary

Ever since the New York Times’ Thursday-night exposé of the Inspectors General referrals to the Department of Justice and FBI, the Hillary Clinton campaign and its allies have been trying to attack the media that reports on it. A follow-up from the Wall Street Journal that specifies that the IGs found four e-mails out of a sample of 40 contained then-classified intelligence material has been largely ignored by these entities as they focus on the NYT’s original reporting. In a long, measured takedown earlier today on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough steps through a comprehensive overview of the entire scandal, Hillary Clinton’s dodging, and the stakes involved.

Be sure to watch this in full, because there have been few presentations in the media as comprehensive as this on the e-mail scandal, and none at all on MSNBC, I’d bet:

Interestingly, Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin gets to the heart of the matter at the very end:

It matters in terms of security. If there was classified information in there — Secretary [Clinton] says there wasn’t, the Inspectors General say there was — and that got hacked into in the private server, that is a huge breach of her responsibilities. That to me is where the story’s going. Will the FBI investigate the question of was there a security breach on the private server, or on the outside server, the outside vendor that — the Clintons switched their information — making sure that there was no security breach. And they’ve not addressed that one bit.

Former Obama auto czar Steve Rattner advises Hillary to get this issue “off the table,” to which Mika Brzezinski expresses total amazement. She needs to cough up the server as a first step, Rattner advises, and then thinks she can get back to status quo ante (via Michael Warren):

“I think Hillary Clinton needs to get this issue off the table as best she can by being as open and as disclosive as possible about what happened,” Rattner said.

“How can she do that?” asked co-host Mika Brzezinski.

“Personally, I think she should basically say, ‘Yeah, at this point, I have no secrets, you can look at the server, you can see what’s there, I’ll help you the best I can,'” Rattner replied.

Warren also notes at The Weekly Standard that Rattner and his wife are bundlers for Team Hillary, having raised more than $100,000. Why, exactly, is Rattner participating in this conversation at all without disclosure of his political connections to the subject of the story? But if the “Hillblazers” are now asking Hillary to release the server and its backups, the story is beginning to hit critical mass.