Obama to White House LGBT heckler: You're in my house

Actually, I prefer Popehat’s coverage to that of other media:

Barack Obama hosted an LGBT event at the White House yesterday, planning to take credit for advancing their agenda during his administration, even though Obama ostensibly opposed same-sex marriage until 2012. Most of the advances on that issue had already been won by the time Joe Biden (also at the event) forced Obama’s hand by getting ahead of him on endorsing SSM. Small wonder that one heckler got in a little pre-emptive rebuttal, although it turned out she had issues on immigration. That’s issues, plural:

President Obama faced off with a heckler during a reception celebrating LGBT Pride Month at the White House, telling the person “you’re in my house.”

Obama was interrupted shortly after beginning his speech to the crowd by a person who repeatedly shouted the president’s name.

“No, no, no , no. Listen, you’re in my house,” Obama told the person. …

“As a general rule, I am just fine with a few hecklers,” Obama said. “But not when I am up in the house. My attitude is if you’re eating the hors d’oeuvres, you know what I’m saying? And drinking the booze? I know that’s right.”

“My house”? Er, not exactly, Mr. President. That’s the people’s house and you are just being provided room and board for as long as your term lasts. Fortunately, the lease comes up in just under 19 months. Try not to damage the floorboards, and don’t follow the example of the last Democrats in the residence in absconding with the furniture.

As for the ingratitude of the heckler, Obama has a point — sort of. When someone invites a bunch of activists over to hear a political speech, activists not exactly known for being retiring wallflowers, especially to take a victory lap that others earned more, one has to expect that some may not go along with the photo-op program. In this case, though, the issue wasn’t LGBT but another Obama “priority” on which he has largely punted:

The protester was identified as Jennicet Gutiérrez by the Not One More Campaign, which opposes the Obama administration’s deportation policies.

Gutiérrez, an undocumented transgender woman, could be heard shouting “not one more” and “stop all deportations.”

One has to wonder how an “undocumented” person got into a White House event in the first place. Technically, illegal immigrants are still in violation of the law, even if the Obama administration believes it doesn’t have to enforce it. Didn’t the Secret Service check the identities of the people coming into the White House, or do they only do that when Obama decides someone doesn’t belong in “my house”?

Apart from that, though, it’s obvious that Gutiérrez didn’t display the proper gratitude for Obama’s invitation to the event, and all he’s done on immigration. Which is to say, of course, nothing but posturing. Obama had two years with a Democratic majority to do whatever he wanted on immigration reform, and blew it on a massive new entitlement program, Dodd-Frank, and a stimulus bill that blew $800 billion on supposedly “shovel-ready” projects. Now he’s doing almost nothing on immigration except run afoul of the courts on “my house”-style edicts, but Gutiérrez should be more grateful, apparently. Too bad she didn’t get to stick around for the booze and the hors d’oeuvres.