State Dept: Oh, by the way, our nuclear negotiating partner hasn't changed its terrorism sponsorship a bit

Good to know, since the Obama administration has enabled Iran to access billions of dollars more in cash by loosening sanctions during the negotiations over Tehran’s nuclear-weapons development. The supposed rapprochement hasn’t dimmed the mullahs’ appetite for terrorism, especially via its main proxy Hezbollah, but hardly limited to it:

The State Department said Iran’s support for terrorism was “undiminished” in 2014, and the U.S. remains very concerned about the activities of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and its proxies in the Middle East.

The U.S. worries about Iran’s activities were included in an annual report of global terrorism between 2013 and 2014, released Friday.

Of particular concern, the report said, was Iran’s continued support of the powerful Hezbollah militia and political party in Lebanon; and its assistance to fighters supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Iran also hasn’t identified or initiated judicial proceedings against senior al Qaeda leaders it has in custody. …

The report said “Iran’s state sponsorship of terrorism worldwide remained undiminished” in 2014 and Ms. Kaidanow said the U.S. continued to be “very, very concerned” about its activities, adding that Tehran hasn’t changed its behavior this year.

Why should they? The US and other P5+1 nations seem desperate to get any kind of agreement in place to let themselves off the hook for vigilance on nuclear proliferation. The West has practically airlifted cash to Tehran in an effort to wheedle them into remaining at the bargaining table. That allows the mullahs to shore up their political strength at home without cutting into the funds that they spend on spreading radical Shi’ite Islam and attempting to gain control of the region. The mullahs get the best of both worlds.

Anyone who understands cash will understand the fungibility of its application here. The Israelis have been warning about this for months, if not longer. The State Department continues to believe that it can compartmentalize the two issues:

“We think it’s essential that we pursue those negotiations,” said Tina Kaidanow, the State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism. “None of that implies that we would be, again, in any way taking our eye off the ball with respect to what Iran is doing as a supporter of terrorism.”

This is nonsense. Iran does not have separate nuclear-weapons and terrorism programs; they are all part of the same strategy. Iran wants to establish its hegemony over the Middle East, eventually take control of Mecca and Medina, seize control of its oil resources, and most definitely wipe Israel off the map. They are fighting the Shi’ite-Sunni war with every resource they can grab and every proxy they can prop up, from Bashar al-Assad to the Houthis.

The retreat on sanctions has done nothing to deflect Iran from this course. If they can’t get nukes right away, they’ll use cash to build more terror-network proxies. Eventually they’ll have both, and that will give them all the tools they need to extort the West and the Sunni states in the region, and commit genocide against the Israelis.

We had an opportunity to use sanctions to starve the mullahs out of their support for terrorism and force them to comply with non-proliferation pacts — or force the Iranians to act against their oppressors and solve the problem completely. We traded off nukes for terrorism, and we’re certain to end up with both in the end.