Video: 101 arrested in massive Florida child-prostitution sting

Consider this Chris Hansenon steroids. A task force composed of Florida law enforcement agencies netted 101 arrests in a child-prostitution sting, including would-be pimps and johns. Also included in the arrests, uncomfortably so for the resort belt of the state, were employees of amusement parks catering to children:

More than 100 people have been arrested in a large-scale, two-county operation that targeted cyber crimes and prostitution, authorities said Tuesday. …

Many of the people arrested had jobs working with children, including theme park workers at Universal Orlando and SeaWorld, and a former Walt Disney World cast member who left that job before his arrest.

It’s not just the theme parks looking for PR experts today. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) had to distance itself from a former employee caught up in the sting, too. Ahmed Saleem had been a well-known organizer and community activist specializing in — wait for it — youth empowerment. Law enforcement spokesmen noted with disgust Saleem’s choice in license plates:

The car Saleem traveled in had a license plate that said, “Invest in children,” according to investigators.

Saleem is also the founder of the Saleem Academy, an organization empowering Muslim youth globally and also served as the Orlando coordinator for CAIR, the Counsel On Islamic American Relations.

“He’s well known as a community outreach leader interacting with teens in and around the Orlando area,” said Judd.

Another notable arrest mentioned in the video was a man who owned two Jaguars while collecting food stamps. It’s simply shocking that such a man would not feel compelled to conform to societal sexual norms, but he’s far from alone.  In all, it only took two weeks to get 101 arrests in this operation. That may be the most disturbing point of all.