New RNC ad takes on Hillary over foreign donations to family foundation

While the most recent revelations of Hillary Clinton’s violation of federal regulations on e-mail roil the political world, the RNC wants voters to multitask and not lose sight of another major scandal involving the Clinton Foundation. A new web ad called “A Very Serious Matter” uses that quote from Bill Clinton about foreign governments influencing elections to remind people that the Clintons took in millions of dollars from foreign governments while Hillary was Secretary of State:

That’s a good catch by the RNC on the previous Democratic warnings on foreign influence. They have demanded more and more restrictions on campaign donations and free speech by actual American citizens in elections, using foreign influence as a bogeyman to frighten people out of their First Amendment rights. At the same time, Barack Obama made a campaign stop in Germany while disabling the security protocols on his campaign donation web portal that could have kept out foreign donors. Now Hillary’s taking money hand over fist for the family foundation while serving as America’s top envoy to these countries.

The RNC also has a handy chart of where the money originated (click to enlarge):



Jill Lawrence reminded Democrats yesterday that the purpose of a presidential primary is to provide party voters with a choice, and right now they’ve only got one. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about Plan B, eh?

Far be it from me to underestimate Hillary Clinton. She’s weathered scandals, tragedies, her husband’s affairs and impeachment and her own wrenching primary loss to Barack Obama to become her party’s leading 2016 presidential prospect by a mile. Make that a light-year.

Stipulate that the former secretary of state is on a different plane from most other Democrats when it comes to experience, endurance and popularity. And yet, as one damaging report after another emerges, it’s got to be asked: How dumb is it for Democrats to count so completely on this one person? What is their Plan B?

If Clinton folds under political attack or has an unexpected health emergency, absent a bigger and better field, Democrats might as well hand Republicans the White House with a bow on top. …

Conservatives have correctly discerned that Clinton is the Democrats’ indispensable woman. “If she dies, they’ll probably have to stuff her and run her anyway,” David Keene, former president of the National Rifle Association, said in an MSNBC story. Shocked? Don’t be. As things stand now, he’s right.

Jill’s options answer the question though, because they look pretty bleak. There’s Tim Kaine, Patty Murray, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Amy Klobuchar, all of whom are Washington denizens in the middle of an anti-Washington electoral culture. There’s also Jack Markell. Don’t bother Googling; he’s the current governor of deep-blue Delaware, and a national non-entity. I’ll write more about the problem facing Democrats in this cycle, but suffice it to say that Democrats have left themselves with almost no other options than a coronation and a humiliation.