CPAC Interview: Dana Loesch on religious liberty and the Second Amendment

The Right loves fighters, and there are few who can match punches with Dana Loesch of The Blaze. The author of Hands Off My Gun dropped by the Townhall booth at CPAC to talk about the topic of her main-stage panel, religious liberty, as well as Second Amendment rights. Dana tells me she has another book in the works, but she wouldn’t discuss the topic with me. Dana talked about everything else, though, including how people of faith have to focus on changing the culture more than changing the laws:

Dana said that the threat to religious liberty arose in part because Christians failed to exercise their liberty effectively in the public square. “I think we make excuses” for our faith, Dana told me, in part because we feel the imperatives of conservative principles for limited government. “Why are we petitioning a Godless government?” Dana asks when it comes to protecting marriage and fighting for other values, such as the sanctity of human life. Natural rights are based on the sanctity of human life, and the lack of cohesion on that value is the biggest threat to individual liberty.

Dana also discusses the move to ban AR-15 ammunition, which Jazz covered in the last post, and how that should be a signal to everyone about this administration’s hostility to individual rights. Be sure to watch it all.