Tuesday TEMS: Andrew Malcolm, Hugh Hewitt, Duane Patterson, Salena Zito

Today on The Ed Morrissey Show (4 pm ET), we have another great lineup for the news of the day!

  • Andrew Malcolm joins us for Tuesdays with Andrew! The Prince of Twitter and I will discuss all of the hot political stories of the day. We’ll preview CPAC, and we’ll also take a look at the campaign themes to expect from Republican candidates in 2016.
  • Earlier today, Salem announced a three-debate partnership with CNN that will put conservative talk-show host Hugh Hewitt on the debate panel. We’ll talk briefly with my friend and mentor about the debates, and why the Cleveland Browns are now styling themselves as Bengals-Lite in their new logo.
  • Duane Patterson will stick around to continue our CPAC preview and look at the top stories
  • Salena Zito returns to discuss the media meltdown over Scott Walker this past week. You do not want to miss this!

The Ed Morrissey Show and its dynamic chatroom can be seen on the permanent TEMS page. Be sure to join us, and don’t forget to keep up with the debate on my Facebook page, too!

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