Clintons got $81 million from HSBC tax-avoidance figures

Paging Elizabeth Warren … Senator Warren, please pick up the red emergency progressive phone in the lobby …

The charitable foundation run by Hillary Clinton and her family has received as much as $81m from wealthy international donors who were clients of HSBC’s controversial Swiss bank.

Leaked files from HSBC’s Swiss banking division reveal the identities of seven donors to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation with accounts in Geneva.

They include Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining magnate and one of the foundation’s biggest financial backers, and Richard Caring, the British retail magnate who, the bank’s internal records show, used his tax-free Geneva account to transfer $1m into the New York-based foundation.

Remember when Hillary’s speaking fees were what separated her from the hoi polloi and made her attempts to address “income inequality” look less than credible? Good times, good times, says The Guardian (via the Daily Beast):

Hillary Clinton has expressed concern over growing economic inequality in the US and is expected to make the issue a cornerstone of her widely anticipated presidential campaign in 2016. However, political observers are increasingly asking whether the former secretary of state’s focus on wealth inequality sits uncomfortably with the close relationships she and her husband have nurtured with some of the world’s richest individuals.

It’s not just that they have wealthy friends. Even Warren has wealthy friends, for Pete’s sake. The progressive agenda seeks to use punitive taxation against the wealthy to fund nanny-state programs for everyone else, which both succor and control the populace. It’s just a wee bit difficult to make oneself the general of the Progressive Army by essentially buying your commission from the people who have made (or kept) their fortunes by avoiding the very systems that would fund the agenda.

It takes hypocrisy to a whole new level, no? Plus, there may be a bomb or two in the files if Hillary tries picking up the “war on women” meme:

Another Clinton foundation donor who had a HSBC account in the tax haven is Jeffrey Epstein, the hedge fund manager and convicted sex offender who once flew the former president on his private jet for charity events in Africa.

Epstein’s under scrutiny now for allegations that he enslaved underaged girls to sexually service his friends. In a lawsuit filed in the US, Virginia Roberts claims that Epstein had her and other young girls have sex with Britain’s Prince Andrew and other powerful men, although she specifically says that Bill Clinton wasn’t among them. She’s also accusing American authorities of helping to cover up the trafficking and abuse.  Other charities have begun refusing Epstein’s money — although they didn’t seem to mind after his 2008 conviction and year in jail for procuring an underage prostitute, and apparently neither did the Clintons.

The Guardian also concludes with this nostalgia tour of the Clintons and influence peddling:

Another client of HSBC Geneva to donate to the Clinton foundation is Denise Rich, the ex-wife of the late billionaire and commodities trader Marc Rich, who fled to Switzerland in 1983 after being indicted by US authorities for tax evasion, fraud and racketeering. Mark Rich was was controversially granted a presidential pardon by Bill Clinton just hours before the former president left office in 2001.

Denise Rich contributed as much as $500,000 to the Clinton foundation. Now 70, she is reported to have recently renounced her US citizenship, becoming tax-resident in Austria. She did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich over the objections of his own Justice Department, because of Denise Rich’s lobbying. Now she refuses to pay US taxes at all and has become the epitome of what Democrats falsely accused Mitt Romney of supporting — and the Clintons are profiting off of her tax flight. That’s taking hypocrisy to staggering new levels of chutzpah.

Will progressives line up to defend this? If Hillary wins the nomination, you bet — and it will be hilarious.