Video: North Korea issues more threats over crashed Internet

North Korea issuing dire threats of “sharpening bayonets”? Must be a day ending in a Y. CNN reports that Pyongyang went on rhetorical high alert after losing Internet access for almost ten hours, an experience so horrifying that only millions of Time Warner and Comcast customers can relate to it. (Kidding, Comcast! Kidding!)

Earlier, analysts and observers expressed some skepticism that North Korea could pull off the Sony hack. Today, some are equally skeptical that the US government had anything to do with yesterday’s DDOS attack on the DPRK’s servers:

Matthew Prince, president of CloudFlare, a performance and security company, said the disruption looked as if “all the routes to get to North Korea just disappeared.”

“It’s as if North Korea got erased from the global map of the Internet,” he said.

Prince, who also spoke when North Korea’s Internet was down, told CNN it’s well within the realm of possibility that a single individual could have been behind the interruption but said he can’t conclude at this point that an attack took place.

“If it is an attack, it’s highly unlikely it’s the United States. More likely it’s a 15-year-old in a Guy Fawkes mask,” he said.

That might be a good description of North Korea’s IT department.

Update: Missed the words “can relate” in the opening graph; fixed now.

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