Video: Remy's "Ready for Hillary" remix

Let’s face it — practically no one liked the “Ready for Hillary” country-music anthem that crawled into the consciousness of the on-line community last week.  Conservatives laughed out loud at the abuse of the country-music genre and the creepy condescension it signaled to Midwestern and Southern voters, especially in the cheesy lyrics. Liberals rejected it for its sexist focus on Hillary as “a mother, a daughter, and … a loving wife,” which got pronounced luvahn waaahf, natch. As Allahpundit put it, Hillary ain’t homeland — she’s Beltway establishment, which may be her only real calling card for 2016.

So the Ready for Hillary team needs a second take, and Remy’s ready for Ready for Hillary Redux:

I’m talking Arkansas Badonkadonk..
Perfect voting record make you wanna vote along
Gonna bring along ol’ Bill Clinton
and ooh-wee, shut my mouth, slap your grandma

Well, it’s at least more honest. Still, it seems like Remy will go back to the drawing board on this effort, but once he’s finished, maybe he can take a look at the “Ready for Warren” effort from the summer as his next project. Thanks to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s interventions over the last couple of days against the “cromnibus,” this PG-13 hippy-dippy anthem is making the rounds again. “Hey, babe, here’s looking at you, Senator Warren”? Yeah, that’s not sexist, right? On the other hand, it’s refreshing to hear a political anthem that doesn’t worry too much about rhyme and meter, or use any more than three chords, either.

Kind of reminds me of this, actually … except the rhyme and meter (mostly).