Video: Does gun education trump gun control?

What is more effective at controlling violence in the US — gun control, or gun education? Townhall’s Sarah Jane Seaman launches her new biweekly series “Capitol Source” with this interview of Frank Miniter, author of The Future of the Gun, released last month. Miniter argues that the media and demagogues concoct language designed to frighten people (such as the insipid category “assault weapons”), and that criminals scoff at gun-control laws. Miniter spent time with gangs to discover that last tidbit, as he tells Sarah:

The problem with indiscriminate gun violence could be solved by better technology, Miniter argues in his book, but the anti-gun lobby wants to block all innovation except that which renders guns unusable in practical situations. Education is the best strategy for protecting gun rights, which is why those efforts are coming under increasing attack by gun-control activists. Be sure to watch it all.

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