Planned Parenthood sex ed: Whip it? Whip it good

Welts across the back for an underage girl? “I wouldn’t call it abuse,” a Planned Parenthood sex-education counselor tells a Live Action undercover activist posing as a 15-year-old, “as long as it’s consensual.” This advice, given in a clinic in the tony Minneapolis suburb of Eden Prairie,  matches up closely to that given in other Planned Parenthood clinics investigated by Live Action — including the suggestion that underaged teens read 50 Shades of Grey and browse through sex shops, which would be illegal:

Steven Ertelt at LifeNews interviewed Live Action president Lila Rose about the video:

Live Action president Lila Rose tells LifeNews she is very concerned by what Planned Parenthood is willing to tell young, impressionable teenage girls, who are not yet of legal age to consent to sex.

“What else could an underage girl agree to that Planned Parenthood would call “completely normal”?  Cuts?  Broken bones?  Statutory rape?” Rose asks. “This is the mentality in which Planned Parenthood wants to indoctrinate our kids.  Please watch our video, get informed, and help us to put an end to this billion-dollar corporation’s outlandish influence on America’s children.”

Rose says “the new video lays bare Planned Parenthood’s sexual ethos, even for kids: abusive, demeaning, and violent sexual behavior is ‘normal’ and ‘OK’ as long as the recipient believes that she’s consented to it.”

She continues: “Planned Parenthood has covered up the statutory rape of minors for years as well, not taking child sexual abuse seriously.  Apparently it’s ‘yes’ to everything – to depraved and dangerous behavior – as long as there’s ‘consent.’”

In this case, the “student” identified herself as a 15-year-old, although the counselor appears to have assumed she was 16. That’s an important difference in Minnesota, as the age of informed consent here is 16. In Colorado, another state where Live Action conducted an undercover probe into Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer-subsidized sex education, the age of consent is 17. In Oregon it’s 18 years of age.

Even apart from the issue of consent, the instruction being given at these clinics would still be highly inappropriate for 15- or 16-year-olds of either gender. I’ve made this point a number of times, but it’s still worth repeating: Sex education at this age should aim for basic health and safety education, the importance of disease and pregnancy prevention, and hopefully some counseling on abstinence and the avoidance of exploitation. These videos show the opposite — an encouragement and normalization of exploitation and victimization. These counselors aren’t even discussing the relative merits of sexual positions and techniques, but how to inflict pain and physical injuries under the caveat of “consent.” That isn’t sex education; it’s grooming.

It’s also worth noting that Planned Parenthood’s idea of informed consent at 15 differs greatly from the assumptions of informed consent among women at 18 and above when they attend college.

Update: Speaking of double standards …

PP “counselors” encouraging underaged girls to get whipped and injured with their “consent,” but Greg Abbott is responsible for violence against women. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

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