MSNBC panel wonders: Just what is Hillary Clinton's unique qualification for President?

No, seriously, Bill Kristol asked on Morning Joe today: What makes Hillary Clinton the most well-qualified woman for the presidency? Kristol argues that Claire McCaskill has more accomplishments in the Senate, and that can also be said for other “governors and Senators” in the Democratic Party, “that made it on their own, I would add.” The panel, which initially scoffed at Kristol’s question, cannot name any accomplishment at all, and Chuck Todd ends up talking about how much she traveled as Secretary of State.

As John Ekdahl writes at AoSHQ, “this is just a great clip all around”:

John writes:

It’s funny watching the question of Hillary’s greatest accomplishment asked and laughingly rejected as ridiculous at first, then having it slowly dawn on the panel that none of them has an answer.

What’s even more amusing is the suggestion that we should wait for Hillary’s next book to tell us what her qualifications are. Clinton has been in the public eye since the Clinton days in Arkansas, 30 years ago. She ran for President in 2008 after eight nondescript years in the Senate, and then served four years as Secretary of State in a tenure bookended by the embarrassing “reset button” with Russia and the Benghazi failure that left four Americans dead. If she had a major accomplishment in all of that time, we wouldn’t need a campaign biography to discover it.