Live video: Nine dead in Kiev as riots erupt in Ukraine

Ukraine erupted in violence today as the Euromaidan protests turned deadly. Nine people were killed as demonstrators attack the ruling party’s headquarters. Dozens more were injured in the violence:

At least nine people died Tuesday in protests in Kiev, seven of them civilians and two police, authorities said.

The casualties occurred after protesters set fire to the headquarters of the ruling Party of Regions and as violence roiled the capital for the first time in more than two weeks.

The opposition confirmed five of the deaths — three near parliament and two near a metro station; the Interior Ministry said a policeman died in an ambulance en route to a hospital.

Earlier, an opposition member of Ukraine’s parliament told CNN that three protesters had died and seven others were seriously injured during protests Tuesday in Kiev.

Speaking from the protesters’ medical facility outside the parliament building, Olesya Orobets said ambulances had been barred from the area.

Live video is streaming here:

Police moved in on protest positions as night fell, in what they called an anti-terrorism operation:

Ukrainian police are storming the main anti-government protest camp in the capital, Kiev.

Loud explosions are taking place, fireworks are being thrown and water cannon have been deployed.

During the day, at least nine people were killed, including two policemen, as protesters and security forces clashed in the worst violence in weeks.

Protesters are refusing to leave Independence Square, saying that “Ukraine is behind us … Ukraine’s future is behind us.” The armed conflict could spread to other cities, as the opposition has seized government buildings elsewhere. For the moment, though, it appears the violence is contained to Kiev.

Update: This YouTube video uploaded today depicts Ukrainian protesters singing the national anthem while riot police throw fire bombs in Kiev, according to Maxim Eristavi, a broadcaster in Kiev: