Get ready for open-registration tomorrow at Hot Air

The headline is as much a memo to our staff as to our readers who have missed out on open-registration days in the past. Tomorrow we open the books and gird our loins for the flood of new commenters to Hot Air!

Open registration for new commenters here at Hot Air will commence between 9 am and 4 pm ET, when our staff support is on duty to assist in the process.  We will approve new registrants, not process amnesty requests for previously-banned commenters. We’ll have instructions in tomorrow’s post on how this works and what to expect — so please make sure you read those before peppering us with questions we have already answered.

And rather than just leave a short post on the front page for this announcement, let’s toss in a little entertainment, too. Reason TV has selected its Nanny of the Month for January 2014. Will it be California, Chicago, or a “buttinsky” New Jersey mayor?

Never mind that plenty of foodies say “the law is confusing, ineffective, bad for the environment and can compromise a final dish,” California is now forcing chefs and bartenders to wear single-use gloves or utensils when handling food like sushi and fresh fruit.

And how about Chicago? The city has decided to ban vaping in public (for the children!), thus potentially making it a little tougher for smokers to ditch cancer sticks.

But this month the nation’s biggest buttinksy is the New Jersey mayor who showed up at at a home on Christmas Eve and ordered a family to remove decorations because one neighbor deemed them offensive.

See you tomorrow!